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Using Print 2 Phone is really easy.

1. Open any document on your computer that you would like to print
2. Click on File/Print and find Print 2 Phone under the PDF section
3. Launch Print 2 Phone on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and if it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer, it will appear on your computer
4. Click on print and your document will appear on the phone

Yet another PDF viewer in the App Store. What makes it special?

Print 2 Phone is indeed a PDF viewer, but is also a lot more. There are several features that make Print 2 Phone unique among other viewers. The most notable is the ability to "print" the documents to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

I already have a PDF viewer, even Apple released its own, why should I use Print 2 Phone?

Print 2 Phone's purpose is to be the easiest way to get your documents on your phone. There's no need for cables, everything is done over the air. You don't have to deal with PDF files. No matter what kind of document you have, Print 2 Phone will convert it to PDF as long as it is printable. It also has a very fast and efficient PDF rendering engine. And after all if you still prefer another PDF viewer, you can still use the "printing" feature and Print 2 Phone will give you the option to open your documents in any other application that supports PDF.

The easiest way to put files on my phone? iTunes does a good job in that, how can it be even simpler?

First of all, you don't have to manually launch any application to synchronize. Print 2 Phone is a few clicks away in any application that can print and you don't have to connect the device to your computer with a cable.

What about the other way? Does Print 2 Phone support printing to a real printer?

Yes, Print 2 Phone has built-in support for AirPrint, Apple's wireless printing technology.

I have a lot of files that I don't want to print one by one. Is there any support for this?

Yes, if your files are already in PDF, you can just select them all and drag onto Print 2 Phone's icon. You can also use iTunes' file sharing functionality.

What is the difference between the two iOS versions?

The pro version has a very fast and effeicent PDF rendering engine and all the PDF related features will be added to this version. The free version uses the built-in PDF rendering engine and fits better for those who already picked their favourite PDF reader. They don't have to pay for a funcionality they wouldn't use.

What will be the next big feature?

Windows and Android versions are at the top of the priority list and are soon-to-be-released. If you would like to be notified when they got released, please send an email with the version you are interested in.

Until then, can I use Print 2 Phone with Windows?

Yes, you can synchronize PDF documents in iTunes.

Still have a question? Feel free to send it to support@alfoldinorbert.hu